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5 Hacks to Travel Like a Local with Your Partner

5 Hacks to Travel Like a Local with Your Partner

by Maya

Traveling is delightful, challenging and brings us out of our comfort zone. Traveling is always fun to do, especially if you are traveling with your beloved one. There are so many ways to enjoy your travel in many places. A luxury vacation with your partner must be fancy and awesome. But how about traveling like a local with your partner? It’s amazing yet so challenging. 

Traveling like a local means you doing a deeper exploration during your trip such as exploring the places, local foods, cultures, natures, and many more. It also won’t make you feel like a foreigner, but live like local people in that place. It makes you feel like home, indeed! 

Traveling like a local with your partner gives you meaningful values and precious experiences that become memorable memories for a lifetime. You can’t buy it, instead, you create it. Read these 5 hacks to travel like a local with your partner to make a perfect one!

Speak the Local Language

Speak the local language
Photo source: Tumisu

There are so many people speaking English all over the world nowadays, but there also many people that speak their own language. 

If you are traveling to a non-English speaking country, learning some of the local basic language will help you to travel like a local. Even though some local people are able to speak English, by speaking their local language it will help you to explore more about the places, customs, cultures, and how the local people live their life. 

It also makes your connection with local people much easier. It doesn’t mean you have to speak the local language well, basic language is already fine. At least, you try it! And the local people will appreciate and welcome you.

Tasting Local Foods

Tasting local foods - Travel like a local
Photo source: Dewi Divianta

Traveling like a local means doing what local people used to do in daily life during your trip. Tasting local foods is the most simple thing that should be on your list. By tasting local foods, you will know the characteristics of the local foods, how the tastes are, even you may find the history beyond the cuisines. It will give you a new experience that you won’t forget. 

To make your experience really like a local does, find the local food in a food stall. Usually, the taste is more delicious than the same menu you found at your hotel or high-class restaurant, as it is made by the local people with the local recipes.

Connect with Local

Connect with local - travel like a local
Photo source: Artem Beliaikin

If you would, there are so many ways to connect with local people. You can find the local people around your lodging. Or you also can find them on the road when you walk around the places you visit or maybe find them in a public place and many more. 

Starting the friendships by introducing yourself, showing your interest in the local people and their lives. Try to make conversation with simple topics around their lives like their daily activities, family, food, beliefs, cultures and so on.

Sharing in returns is awesome to do. Sharing your experience and life values of yours. Try to connect with them continuously, even after you get back to your house. Keep in touch! This will make your experience of travel like a local more memorable. 

Find a Hidden Gems Around

Find a Hidden Gems Around
Photo source: Artem Beliaikin

To complete your mission travel like a local with your partner, find some hidden gems to visit. These kinds of places are rarely visited and far away from the crowd. 

This is a great occasion to explore nature deeper, walk around the places you visit, enjoy the atmosphere, and blend with them. This also lets you interact with the local people more effectively as there’s a little bit of tourism around. It is such a perfect trip like a local!

Stay in a Place You Can Get the Local Experience

Stay in a Place You Can Get the Local Experience
Photo source: Ryan Christodoul

The last but not least is staying in a place where you can get the local experience. A hotel would not be the best choice to make your traveling like a local perfect since the hotel wouldn’t give the local experience to you. 

It gives you all the luxury things, which is different from the local life. Instead, you can choose to stay in a lodging which is possible to give you a local experience. 

A villa and homestay should be more suitable for you. If you love to stay in a homestay, it may give you a chance to live with the local people. But it can’t guarantee your privacy. 

If you are the type of couple who wants to have a local ambiance, but still keep your privacy well, villa is the best choice ever. If you are around Ubud, Dedary Kriyamaha Ubud is a perfect lodging for you. 

Here you can get experience becoming Balinese. Here you can practice making Balinese offerings and Balinese Ngerajang (learning how to make Balinese sauce). In Dedary Kriyamaha Ubud you can practice Balinese dance either. Besides having stunning views, Dedary Kriyamaha Ubud also gives you an opportunity to interact directly with the local people and see their daily activities as it is located in the village. 

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