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Pramana Spa is the for mankind in the life, where “life be confidence” relax to refresh the body and conscience throughout their trip. This is the spa designed to facilitate the fundamental needs for the trip more memorable , where guests will find warm touch, genuine and comfortable atmosphere.

Whether sharing your spa experiences with friends or loved ones and your parents . Pramana Spa and Dedary Kriyamaha Ubud provide services and helps guests to find their glow and radiant.

Find your glow, brighten your mood and enjoy the moment!!


Balinese Massage

Authentic traditional Balinese Massage provides combination of stretching, long stroke skin rolling, palm, thumbs pressure techniques to balance the energy centers and improve the integration of your internal systems, blood circulation and release stress.

60 minutes : IDR. 375 K++ per person
90 minutes : IDR. 450 K++ per person

Frequent Flyer Massage

This is the perfect cure after long flight, to relieve tensions. It consists of a condensed but complete head, neck and shoulder massage using our special blend of oils, concluded with warm towel application.(Head, neck, and shoulder massage, warm towel).

45 minutes : IDR.325 K++ per person

Therapeutic Sport Massage

This deep tissue massage is a ideal for increasing circulation, assisting with healing injuries, and creating a very deep sense of relaxation in the body. (Foot wash, body massage)

60 minutes : IDR. 425 K++ per person

Dedari spa journeys

Indulgence from head to toe, the combination of traditional treatment is designed to leave your feeling deeply relaxed and rejuvenated. Start your journeys with foot ritual followed by full body massage and herbal treatment to loosen energy blockages and recoup deficiencies, complete the treatment with a relaxing herbal bath.

90 minutes : IDR. 550 K++ per person

Durma Healthy Massage

Indulge in the ultimate massage experience commencing with a luxurious, begin with mineral and traditional Balinese foot bath, followed PRAMANA massage with the unique dancing finger movement, assist with eliminating reflexology relaxing. (Foot wash using traditional Balinese foot bath , body massage with foot reflexi)

90 minutes : IDR. 650 K++ per person

Aromatherapy Massage

A relaxing massage involving a variety of techniques ; essential oil are applied in long sweeping strokes which warm up the skin and muscles, the essential experience is completed with a oil burner that enhance the benefits of those oils extracted from herbs and plants. (Foot wash , body massage with warm oil ).

60 minutes : IDR. 395K++ per person

Pramana Stone Massage

A nature therapy warm stone are using typically river rock stone, heated in sanitizing water to give beneficial muscle relaxing, improved circulation and pain relief. ( foot wash, stone massage)

90 minutes : IDR. 625 K++ per person

Massage Reflexology

An ancient Chinese healing art focused on the pressure point in the feet that correspond with organs and muscles of body, Includinga hand reflexology for improves circulation and general wellness. (Foot wash , foot massage and hand massage)

60 minutes : IDR. 375K++ per person


Javanese Scrub and Mask

Traditional herbal blend gently buffs, nourish, revitalize and give a glow to the skin.

60 minutes : IDR. 395 K++ per person

Chocolate Scrub and Mask

A moisturizing scrub with a cocoa extracts to eliminate impurities, exfoliate and moisturizing the skin.

60 minutes : IDR. 395K++ per person

Green Tea Scrub and Mask

A moisturizing scrub with a green tea extracts to eliminate impurities, exfoliate and moisturizing the skin.

60 minutes : IDR. 395K++ per person


Pramana Signature Treatment

A stimulating facial experience combining completely edible, nature organic ingredients and extracts, with a gentle acupressure massage of energy point on the face, assisting with releasing toxins and revitalizing the delicate facial skin. This unique facial experience will leave you feeling clean and refreshed.

60 minutes : IDR. 395 K++ per person

Pramana manicure

Luxurious conditioning care for your hands. More youthful hands through nail filling, cuticle trimming and minimizing, with exploitation to the hands massage. Allowing the hands to appear softer and smoother. Nail polish or buffing included.

45 minutes : IDR. 350 K++

Pramana pedicure

Pampering time for your feet, we begin with an aromatic foot soak and scrub. Filling cuticle minimizing, pampering foot or leg massage to enhance the condition of your beautiful feet. Nail polish or buffing included.

45 minutes : IDR. 350 K++


Nilotama Beauty

Treat yourself to this unique experience and indulge your body and soul with a therapeutic sport massage for begin relieve the muscles tension with a deep tissue techniques, followed by a signature facial for complete you indulge experience will leave you feeling totally clean and refreshed. (Foot wash, sport massage, signature facial).

120 minutes : IDR. 650 K++ per person

Gangga Mayang Beauty

This treatment is the perfect way to end a perfect day, begin with a aromatherapy massage for first applied in long sweeping strokes which warm up the skin, continue to Javanese scrub and mask for make skin are glow, to complete the treatment with signature facial, finishing with a flower bath and essential oil, to leave totally full body and face treatment. ( foot wash, body massage, body scrub and mask, facial, flower bath).

150 minutes : IDR. 750 K++ per person

Tunjung Bang Beauty

A indulge your body and soul in the in the nutritious and moisturizing with cocoa. Your chocolate sensation commences with aromatherapy massage with chocolate oil, continue with chocolate body scrub and mask, finishing with a relaxing flower bath with chocolate bath salt and chocolate essential oil, to complete the treatment we serve hot chocolate. (Foot wash, aroma chocolate massage, chocolate scrub and mash, flower bath with chocolate essential oil, hot chocolate drink).

120 minutes : IDR. 650 K++ per person

Pramana Healing

A pramana herbal massage a deep relaxation with hot compresses and classic techniques, while relieving stress and improving health, ingredient with herb and spice, following with a traditional boreh scrub and mask ,a traditional flower bath with lotus flower will make a great your day, to complete the indulgent we serve the turmeric mix with honey and lime (foot wash , herbal massage, boreh scrub, boreh mask, flower bath with lotus , kunyit, madu and lime ).

150 minutes : IDR. 750 K++ per person

Price not include 12% tax and 10 % service


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