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Spiritual Destination in Bali that a Couple Should Not Miss

Spiritual Destination in Bali that a Couple Should Not Miss

by Maya

Many people know that Bali is famous for its stunning beach, beautiful natures, the beauty of its cultures, and meals. More than that, one particular thing that is identical to Bali, which makes it become one of the harmonious and favorite places to visit on earth is its spirituality. Have you heard about this one? If you haven’t, this article will help you to know more about Bali. And if you have, this will let you explore more in-depth. Visiting a spiritual destination is one of the ways to know more and more in-depth about Bali.

Spiritual destination trip is a suite for a family trip, group trip, and of course, a couple of trips to get more joy, blessings, and learn more about ourselves, and the universe. It is a shooting trip! Here we have compiled three spiritual destinations that you should not miss in Bali.

Tirta Empul Holy Springs

Spiritual destination - Tirta Empul
Photo source: Florian Giorgio

Your trip to Bali shouldn’t be complete if you haven’t felt the spiritual vibes of Bali. Many tourists want to try religious activities even fall in love with it as they feel more peace and blessings. One of them is Melukat. Melukat also becomes a favorite thing to do for tourists from many countries all around the world. Melukat is cleansing and purifies our body and soul, usually done at water springs, water fountains, sea, etc. 

One of the largest and busiest spiritual destinations on the island is Tirta Empul Temple. People believe that by bathing under the water showers at Tirta Empul Temple could purify their body and soul. Even though this temple is a sacred place for Hindus to worship, it is also open for everyone who wants to go to Melukat, including tourists. That’s why this spiritual destination becomes more and more popular among tourists all over the world. Like other temples around Bali, you have to wear a sarong to go inside the temple. Women who are on their period are not allowed to enter the temple.

Photo source: Artem Beiaikin

The words ‘Tirta Empul’ means holy water spring that spurt out from the ground. The complex of Tirta Empul temple was built around 960 AD. The springs were manufactured during a battle between God Indra and an evil king named Mayadanawa. Mayadanawa created a poisoned spring, and then God Indra created a spring that was able to cure the diseases and poisons.

Besides Melukat, here at Tirta Empul Temple, you are also able to walk around the complex. It takes 30 minutes to 1 hour to surround the temple as it is extensive. You can also see the presidential palace known as Tampaksiring palace, on the top of the hill on this spiritual destination area, which was built during the years of Indonesian first president, Soekarno. Tirta Empul temple is located in Manukaya village, Tampaksiring District, Gianyar regency, Bali.

Trunyan Cemetery

Trunyan cemetery
Photo source: Marianne Woodward

If you used to spend your holiday in fancy places, then visiting a cemetery during your trip should be amazing. It is not daunting. Instead, it’s an extraordinary place. Trunyan, a unique cemetery on earth. Unlike general cemeteries which are full of tombstones, at Trunyan cemetery you can enjoy the beautiful nature, natural vibes, and human skulls, the one and only you can see only at Trunyan Cemetery. 

For some people, and also maybe for you, this spiritual destination is a strange and terrible place. But you know what? Due to its uniqueness, it becomes one of the favorite places that you can only find in Bali. Especially if you see the story behind it, it will amaze you and arouse your curiosity to explore more and more about Bali, especially this spiritual destination.

At Trunyan cemetery, the corpses are not buried or cremated, it is laid down on the ground and only covered by bamboo skeletons. But of course, bodies wear clothes. Now, you might think that the place smells terrible. The fact is, the cemetery isn’t stench at all. It is another thing that makes it unique.

Taru Menyan
Photo source: Sachi Kondo

Taru and Menyan are the two words of Trunyan. Taru means tree and menyan means frankincense. Then Trunyan means frankincense tree. The scent of frankincense tree makes the cemetery doesn’t smell bad at all. Putting the corpses on the ground is a tactic to remove the fragrance of the frankincense tree so that other people won’t look for it and steal that frankincense tree. 

A long time ago, four siblings from the Royal Palace of Surakarta – the land of Java was hypnotized by the fragrance of a giant Taru Menyan. They crossed the Sunda strait to find the source of the fragrant. When they found the source of the fragrant at Trunyan, the eldest brother fell in love with the Goddess Trunyan. They got married, then built a small kingdom. The king commanded the resident to remove the fragrance of the Taru Menyan so nobody would be hypnotized and look for it anymore. The Trunyan cemetery is located at Trunyan village, Kintamani subdistrict, Bangli regency.

Telaga Waja Temple

Telaga Waja Temple
Photo source: Dwipayana

The most sacred spiritual destination to do self-purification in Bali that has several rules that are contrary to the laws in general. If you ever heard that entering a temple or doing melukat (self-purification), wearing clothes at least kamben (sarong) and sash on your waist is a must, then melukat at Telaga Waja Temple is the opposite. 

You are forbidden to wear clothes in any form, even underwear during melukat at Telaga Waja Temple. If someone breaks the rule, bad things will happen, both to the person, their family, or even to the local people. Some news regarding the violation of laws and the consequences to the person, their family, even the local people might convince you how sacred the place is. 

There are three parts of the temple area. The central element is klebutan (springs). The second part there are palinggih (a place for meditating) and several pancoran (water fountains) for self-purification. In the third part, there are 11 pancoran (water fountains) that are the only place that allows people to do melukat, and you are not allowed to wear any clothes. 

Spiritual Destination - Telaga Waja temple
Photo source: Dwipayana

The prohibition of wearing clothes during melukat is closely related to spirituality. It means to control oneself from worldly lust, emotional, and practice to be more concentrated. It is believed that Melukat in this place can harmonize the relationship of a spouse. 

The beautiful landscape and calming atmosphere make this place suits for self-relaxing, self-healing, and self-escaping. Telaga Waja temple is located at Banjar Kapitu, Kendran village, Tegalalang subdistrict, Gianyar regency.

These only a little part of spiritual destinations in Bali, and you can find more. Once you come to Bali, don’t miss the religious activities like Melukat, Yoga, and so on. Enjoy your time to explore Bali, from its culture, the natural beauty, cuisines, and many more.

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