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Stay in a Villa in Ubud

by Maya

Bali is a beautiful island situated in Indonesia, the ultimate tourist destination in South East Asia that is worth to visit. Most people come to Bali for its beach, waves, culture, nature, and the weather.
Some other people also come for business, or for its undying art and culture, or for its breathtaking landscapes. If nature, art, and culture is your preference, then you might need to come to Ubud.

scenery while staying in villa in ubud

Welcome to Ubud!

Ubud is a small town located in Gianyar Regency. It’s about 1 – 1,5 hours far from Kuta Airport – not counting the traffic jam. A place where nature is on your eyes, everywhere you go.

Ubud is the heart of the arts and cultures of Bali. There are many small cafes, yoga places, and lounge, the most blend of typical Balinese and modern amenities. Situated either in town or in the countryside, most have beautiful gardens and views.

While located far from Kuta, Ubud is a paradise for shopping too. There’s a lot of branded shops or traditional art shops in the Central Ubud that you can choose. Most of the shops here are also eco-friendly shop. This means that the product that they create is made from the recycled thing. Some of the shops also need you to bring your own shopping bag.

Other than shopping, you can also enjoy traditional Balinese events here in Ubud. Ubud Palace is one of many places where the traditional events are held regularly. If you want spectacular photos with your family or your loved one, and having a Balinese decoration as your background, then you might have to visit this place.

Our tips when you are choosing Ubud for your holiday destination, staying at a villa rather than a hotel. Of course, you should select and decide your preferred villa in Ubud, which would match your interests.

Stay in a villa in Ubud

Ubud offers the most restful vacation that you can imagine if you’re staying in a villa. Imagine that you have all your quality time in place. By staying in a villa, you can have your most romantic holiday, or having a family-bonding time. Because in most of the villa in Ubud has a garden or a lounge where you can hold your own occasion.

Some villas in Ubud let you see a natural green lush as your scenery whenever you open your window. Because most of them are located in the countryside, far from Ubud’s bustle. A place where relax and tranquil offering themself to you.

Some villas are also offering traditional Balinese style decoration, thanks to most of the local owners here. The aesthetic of Balinese decoration lies in every detail. Don’t forget to get your camera/phone ready all day because there are a lot of exciting spots for you to take some photos!

If you are a first-time visitor to Bali, or a frequent traveler looking for a new experience while you travel to Bali, you are welcomed to stay with us at Dedary Kriyamaha Villa Ubud by Pramana, a luxury villa in Ubud.

Yes, we have a great villa in Ubud!

At Dedary Kriyamaha Villa Ubud by Pramana, we are ensured that you will have the most of your holiday when staying with us. Don’t worry about the service here; we do have Villa Butlers that always ready to cater to your needs. Whenever you are feeling tired, we also have excellent spa facilities. Enjoy your breakfast with the view of ricefields, and you can even cook yourself! We do have a cooking class.

Contact us now to get your best price rate, or you can directly check the availability of our villas. Do not hesitate to let us know what we can do to make your stay beyond expectations!

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