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Tips on Traveling to Bali

Tips on Traveling to Bali

by Maya

Everybody wants to ensure that they will have an under-control situation when it comes to traveling. Making a travel plan surely takes time to research. No matter where and what means of transportation you’re using or with whom do you go, and you can simplify your travel plans in a variety of ways. If you want to go to Bali or Ubud, these tips will provide you with information on how to have a safe, comfortable, and relaxing holiday.

When traveling to Bali, please note that the tap water is unsafe to drink. This means that it must be boiled before you can drink it, or if you want a convenient option, buy some water at the groceries or convenience store.

Traveling to Pura Batu Bolong Bali

What to bring when traveling to Bali?

Bring a tumbler everywhere you go. It’s cost-saving, and most of the restaurants or cafes here are offering discounts whenever you bring your tumbler. Even some of them are giving free water for you. In our room, we are already preparing a complimentary mineral water bottle for you to drink, and we will refill it once a day. Remember, when traveling, it is better to avoid drinking from the local fountain or try the water from the waterfall! Most visitors will be unaccustomed and can get quite ill. As we said before, it’s much easier to go to the traditional store – or we said Warung Kelontong – or convenience store and buy bottled water instead. Usually. Bottled water here is produced to the highest of standards, and it’s not too expensive.

When traveling to Bali, don’t forget to stay at Ubud. Don’t just drive around the town. Ubud has so many to offer. You can find a magnificent traditional cultural dance performance in the Central Area. If you’re into cooking, we have a hut where you can improve your cooking skills with local as a Chef. If you love to explore nature, we can show you the natural beauty of waterfalls and ricefields around. Get out and explore on foot. It is a great experience and sees all that it has to offer. The only way to do that is to find a hiking trail and explore the area.

Atmosphere in Ubud Bali


If you’re going around, don’t forget to bring a power inverter with you. It is a handy device that you plug into and charges your device while taking a rest at a cute cafe. It’s great if you’re traveling with kids since you can plug video games or a laptop in. If you have a power bank, you can charge it in your room. In our villa, we have a lot of plugs and using Europe-type plug. If you need an adapter, you can always ask it from your butler.

Look for package deals on local attractions that can save you large amounts of money. You can also ask our butler to get some information on some ‘rare occasions’ rituals or ceremonies that cost you almost nothing. We also offer admission to these destinations in special visitor packages. If you’re going on a trip, make sure to bring a plastic bag that can be dedicated to the trash and a shopping bag for groceries. Bali has banned the use of the plastic bag, so be careful.

When you do packing for a vacation or business trip, pack a number of both lighter and heavier weight clothing. You can use these tips from Marie Kondo. Because, in Ubud, you do not want to be freezing or overheated. It is also a good idea to pack clothing and accessories that will not weigh down your luggage.

Going to Waterfall in Ubud Bali

Are you ready traveling to Bali?

Whether for business or pleasure, traveling can be a hassle. However, if you follow this advice, you can save both time and money and make your trip less stressful and more enjoyable. If you happen to stay in Ubud and do want to have a tranquil atmosphere and enjoy your holiday at the most, you can stay with us at Dedary Kriyamaha Villa Ubud by Pramana.

We do have a package selection from romantic until family packages that accommodate all your needs. We have a free shuttle from our villa to Central Ubud, where you can find most of the cultural events, cafes, and shops.

Contact us now to get your special price for a holiday trip to Ubud! Please look forward to other tips on traveling to Bali!