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Travel with kids: Essential Tips You Need to Know

Travel with kids: Essential Tips You Need to Know

by Maya

Travel with kids is a great dream for most people. Going out of town or even going abroad with your children is precious. Engaging your children to travel out of the town since early-stage could give them meaningful and useful experiences for their life and will impact on how they will grow as a person. They could explore the world, know something that they don’t see in their neighborhood, think from many kinds of perspectives, know how to appreciate people that are different from them, and many more benefits that they can’t buy. 

But of course, traveling with kids need many things to prepare and consider. No matter how much you have gone around the world, traveling with kids has so many worries, especially if this is your first time! It could be daunting sometimes. But, it is not the only reason for you to postpone and wait until your children grow older. There are some basic tips that you need to know and pay attention to make it more fun and less stress. Go read, and you won’t regret it!

Plan the trip

Plan the trip - travel with kids
Photo source: Estee Janssens

The very first thing that you need to do is plan it! Just do it! To have a nice trip with your kids needs a perfect plan and preparation. It shouldn’t be incidental as you aren’t going to be a backpacker but traveling with your kids. Determine when you will do the trip. Make sure you have enough or even more days to spend on your trip as you can’t do a short and tight trip. 

Another thing is, determine where you are going to go with your children. Don’t go to a destination where you need to walk for long to get around the place. It would be boring for kids. Instead, choose places that you can enjoy with your families like a zoo, playground, and other places that are natural-basic. Nature is nice for kids of any age. They could explore more about nature, have time to play with the animal, and anything else. 

Remember that kids love to play, play, and play. But it doesn’t mean you can’t go to another place you love the most. Just make it balance. Bali is one of the best places to travel with kids. It has lots of stunning nature, precious culture like Balinese Gamelan, and many more. You can do many things to enjoy both for you and your kids. But if you have any idea where the best place to go with your kids is, it’s great!

Research All About Travel with Kids

Research - Travel with kids essential kids you need to know
Photo source: Glenn Carstens

To make your traveling with your kids more fun and less stress, research is a must to do! Research everything about the place that you are going to visit that relates to your trip so you can make good preparation. Research what would go wrong during traveling with kids so that it won’t shock you, and know how to handle it. Research everything from the very simple thing to the most complicated thing that probably happens. The more perfect your preparation, the more fun you’re going to get!

Spare more time

Spare more time - travel with kids
Photo source: Isabella Christina

As you are going to travel with your kids, for sure it will be more complicated than traveling alone or only with your spouse. You can’t have a career along with your children as they can’t do everything as quick as you. So spare more time during your journey is highly recommended. Go to the airport earlier and spare more time for all that may go wrong. Take it slow! So you can enjoy it with your kids. Spare more time is essential for all parts of your travel with kids. 

Pack the Kid’s needs

Pack the Kid's Need
Photo source: Austin Pacheco

Don’t pack everything your children use at home. Pack goods that your children need and essential in any kind of situation. Packing too many things will drive you crazy during your trip, especially at the end. You can do other things at your destination. Anyway, don’t forget to bring the favorite snack of your kids that can be their mood boosters while waiting for your flight, on the way to your destination, and another else. 

Book everything you need earlier

Book everything you need earlier
Photo source: Pixabay

The flight is not the only one that you need to book earlier. After your flight, especially if it’s a long journey, you need to go to a place where you can stay, drop off your bags, and let your kids or even yourself to take a rest. If your kids and you are not fit, how come it could be fun?

You can choose to stay in any kind of lodgings. Stay in a hotel or a villa? Everything depends on your need. A hotel may have room service, meals, and babysitting service, but staying in a villa will make you more comfortable as you can make it your home and feels really like home. Imagine you have a private pool and garden around your bedroom. Having a living room for your family could manage everything you need. 

Perhaps you are vacationing around Ubud Bali, Dedary Kriyamaha Ubud can be a great choice! It is not only a comfort staycation, but it has a daily tour package that helps you to go to several great destinations in Bali without preparing many things like a car, a driver, a guide, and many more. It would make your trip simple, fun, less budget, and less stress. 

If you and your kids would like to know more about Balinese culture and another thing about Bali, of course, they can explain it to you. If you want, you and your children can practice traditional dance. They also have a free one-time airport transfer. For detail, check out their website. Stunning nature views are another bonus that you will get there.

Explain the Journey

Explain the journey
Photo source: Caroline Hernandez

If this is the first time for your kids to travel, explain to them about the journey at several points. What they may face in every part of the journey. Make it simple and easy to understand. By explaining the journey to your kids, they will accept everything new to them, feel more comfortable, and won’t feel moody as they understand it. 

Keep Your Kids Safe

Keep your kids safe
Photo source: Clarissa Watson

Traveling with kids is vulnerable. Being in a new place with strange people, and a different language is a big challenge for your kids to adapt and interact. Keeping your kids safe is a must to do! Give them your identity. Put your name, contact, and local address on their arm. Just in case you lose your kids, it will help you to find them. The one who finds your children will contact you based on the identity you pun on your kid’s arm.

All the tips are very basic, but critical and need to pay attention to. Your dream of having a fun trip with your kids and your perfect plan are nothing without good preparation. Hope the tips help you. Anyway, do you already have an idea about where to go?

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