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Spiritual Destination in Bali that a Couple Should Not Miss

Many people know that Bali is famous for its stunning beach, beautiful natures, the beauty of its cultures, and meals. More than that, one particular thing that is identical to Bali, which makes it become one of the harmonious and favorite places to visit on earth is its spirituality. Have you heard about this one? If you haven’t, this article will help you to know more about Bali. And if you have, this will let you explore more in-depth. Visiting a spiritual destination is one of the ways to know more and more in-depth about Bali.

Travel with kids: Essential Tips You Need to Know

Travel with kids is a great dream for most people. Going out of town or even going abroad with your children is precious. Engaging your children to travel out of the town since early-stage could give them meaningful and useful experiences for their life and will impact on how they will grow as a person. They could explore the world, know something that they don’t see in their neighborhood, think from many kinds of perspectives, know how to appreciate people that are different from them, and many more benefits that they can’t buy. 

Pagerwesi: Balinese Way to protect science and self-fortify

Whenever you come to Bali, you will see Balinese wearing attire, making offerings, or praying to temples. Those are not surprising because Bali has so many things to be celebrated and thanked for. There are some things that are celebrated every year, every six months, every month, or even every day. All of them are unique and different to each other. One of them is Pagerwesi. This word may be weird for you, but this also may impress you.

Have you ever heard about how science could protect humans and why humans protect science/knowledge? Then, how do Balinese celebrate it? Why is it important to be celebrated? Read on, and find the answers!